HA-vs-DRS in VMware-VSphere

VMware HA and DRS Explained

Virtualizing an infrastructure and running virtual resources to serve out business-critical workloads having many great advantages. As we can say VMware vSphere, it provides many notable features and capabilities that deliver high-availability in the environment as well as automated workload scheduling to ensure the most efficient use of hardware and resources in a  vSphere environment.

Here we will talk about two core cluster-level features of vSphere in the enterprise – vSphere HA and DRS. You have seen both of these referenced along with running vSphere in the enterprise.

There are many questions in peoples mind like, what is vSphere HA and DRS? What do they do? How do you benefit by running both in your vSphere environment?

Let’s take a look at a basic introduction to HA and DRS in VMware vSphere and see how they compare and the benefits of using them.

VMware vSphere Clusters

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