CoSoSys Data Loss Prevention / Protection (DLP) Troubleshooting services


Deliverable Includes diagnosis for the reported configuration functionality issue, fault finding, solution and implementation limited to the Server Hardware opted for this service. It also includes highlighting the issues pertaining to the configuration in other device(s) in the network responsible for the reported issue. This service does not includes the configuration of other hardware which may be necessary to resolve the reported issue. It may required to purchase the troubleshooting services for other network devices if solution demands the configuration on that hardware (s).

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Troubleshooting is the process or identifying and fixing problems. Troubleshooting may involve hardware or software and can sometimes involve both at the same time. The basic methodology of Troubleshooting is to check the most expansive possible issues first, and after that gradually check for more issues that are specific and make the thing or process operational once more.

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