VLAN Configuration in SONICWALL Firewall

Deliverable Includes the number of virtual interface creation ,VLAN Creation, IP Address Policy, Defining VLAN ports and defining DHCP scope to respective VLANs configuration, Inter-VLAN Routing.
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VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a logical grouping of LAN Switch Ports assigned to the network users or devices. VLAN eliminates the need of expensive routes by creating broadcast domains which restrict the data to flow in a defined broadcast domain (VLAN) and so only accessed by the users or devices connected to that VLAN. VLAN Advantages - 1) Provides Network Security 2) Provides Broadcast Control 3) Efficient Usage of LAN Bandwidth

VLAN ID & VLAN Number, IP Address Policy, Inter-VLAN Routing Requirement, Switch Port VALN mapping, Uplink Details

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