Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) For Basic Virtualization Services for HPE Server

Deliverable Includes Configuration and One Year Maintenance of Server services on Single Physical Hardware - Management Console, RAID, Virtualization Using Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtualization Using VMware (ESXi), Operating System Installation on up to 3 Virtual Servers.
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Under Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), Sancuro provides Non comprehensive Remote Support Services for managing IT hardware configuration and maintenance. Sancuro is an exclusive enterprise working in the remote tech support domain. We provide niche expertise in system and network configuration and maintenance for IT-enabled establishments. Through refined security protocols, pay-per-service model and end-to-end array of services, we serve diverse industries and reputed clients. This service does not includes the configuration of other hardware or installation which may be necessary as a dependent role, e.g. Installation of VPN client on endpoint.

Device Access and valid input for configuration of each requested service.

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