Active Directory Integration for QNAP Storage For Model SMB Series


Deliverable Includes Domain Server Active Directory (AD) mapping with Storage enabling users and group synchronization for single Sign-On.

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Active Directory (AD) server allows to implement identity-based security on network. Firewall configuration facilate mapping of Users and Groups with AD server allowing administrators to manage single sign-on and synchronization of two hardware.

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Sancuro provide System and Network Remote Configuration services for all IT Hardwares. Remote Configuration Services for qnap active directory authentication, qnap active directory domain controller, windows 10 connect to active directory, qnap active directory integration, qnap ad integration, and qnap storage configuration in a short timeframe. Businesses can check active directory replication on our ecommerce platform. We provide demos on how to join active directory.  

Domain Name, IP address of Domain Server and required credentials

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