How to Configure Web Filter Policy in Cyberoam Firewall ?

Web Filter Policy

Organisations can control the internet access of users or groups of users by using Web filter policies. With the help of these policies, businesses can block or allow specific URLs or entire website categories. The Cyberoam Firewall Web Categorization Database contains millions of websites grouped into categories. By allowing or blocking any category will allow or block all websites falling under that particular category.

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In this blog we provide basic information on how web filter policy works, what are its benefits and how to configure web filter policy in Cyberoam firewall etc., But to get actual configuration you need to contact our technical team or visit our ecommerce website

How Web Filter Policy Works for Businesses..?

Now a day’s most of the businesses require a web filter policy configuration for their existing Cyberoam firewall device, to protect their business from unauthorised access. Web filter is a software program which can screen a Web page to determine whether some or all of it should not be displayed to the end user in that organisation.

Filter checks the origin of a Web page against a set of rules provided by company or person who has installed the Web filter. It also allows an organisation or an end user to block out pages from Web sites that are likely to include objectionable advertising, pornographic content, spyware, viruses, and other sites.


Importance of Web Filter Policy Configuration in Cyberoam Firewall

Businesses must need a proper web filter policy configuration for their existing Cyberoam firewall. By using Cyberoam Firewall Web Filtering, businesses can detects or blocks third-party proxy and tunnelling software, Google cache pages, and ‘safe search’ over search engines to prevent from harmful websites appearing in google search engines.

Web filtering is a technology that helps businesses to stop their users from opening certain URLs by preventing their browsers from loading pages. Web filters are made in different ways and deliver various solutions for small businesses or institutional or enterprise level. Hence configuring a web filter policy for a Cyberoam firewall helps businesses to secure their business.


How to Configure Web Filter Policy in Cyberoam Firewall..?

This question is very common for every organisations who are working under an IT infrastructure. Hence most of them are looking for proper Cyberoam firewall configuration services. Firewall web filtering policy is a technique used by IT experts to protect their businesses from any unauthorised accesses. Cyberoam web filter policy configuration provides services to block the malicious and objectionable content and URLs. When we block the category, access to all the URLs get blocked and if we want to block specific URL’s, we must need to create a Custom Web Category. This total process is takes place in web filter policy configuration.


Benefits of Web Filter Policy

Web filter policy helps to block unsuitable, unproductive and even illegal or dangerous web content, businesses can go a long way in protecting themselves, their data and their bottom line. The benefits that derived from using Web filter policy are seen with greater employee productivity, reduced down time because of malicious. It helps organizations meet compliance requirements set forth by their industry.

Also web filter policy helps employees, organization and your network in a number of ways as given below:

1. Increased Productivity Level:

The number of users in your network is large, then it will gets extremely difficult to monitor all of them with their online activity in the network. In such case, network users take advantage of the unrestricted environment and often get away with activities that hamper their productivity level. This is the point where a web filter policy comes to the rescue.

2. Increased Network Protection:

Another advantage of applying a web filtering policy is that it block access to the websites that most likely may distribute malicious software, malicious program or virus that can have devastating effects on your network.

3. Prevention of Liability Issues

 It puts your organizational network in compliance with law. It prevent possibilities of being held liable for illegal activities such as file sharing etc.

4. Bandwidth Usage Reduction

When it comes to cost reduction, web filter policy configuration takes place. Organisations all over generally have a high-speed internet connection with a guaranteed bandwidth. By applying a web filtering policy they can blocks websites & activities such as streaming videos, blocking media players, blocking sites like file sharing services, system administrators can control the bandwidth usage.

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How Sancuro Works on Web Filter Policy Configuration..?

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