How to Configure VLAN in CISCO LAN Switch..?

A VLAN is a Virtual LAN that abstracts the idea of the local area network (LAN) by providing data link connectivity for a subnet. Network switches may support multiple, independent VLANs, by creating Layer 2 implementations of subnets. It is associated with a broadcast domain and usually composed of one or more Ethernet switches.

In this blog we learn detailed information on how to configure VLAN in Cisco LAN Switch, how VLAN works and benefits of VLAN configuration in Cisco LAN Switch. Sancuro is IT service provider ecommerce brand of Sanveer InfoTech that deliver actual configuration services remotely from the same platform. To avail these services you can directly visit to Sancuro website and get cost-effective services from our technical expertise.


What is VLAN and How it Works..?

Today’s networks have grown in size and complexity, and because of that most of the organisations have turned to virtual local area networks (VLANs) to provide some way of structuring this growth technically and logically. It is a collection of nodes that are grouped together on a single broadcast domain which is based on something other than physical location. To create VLANs, the organisations must decide how to configure the mention items such as VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) domain name and VTP mode to use on this Cisco LAN switch, also which ports on the switch belong to which VLAN.


Importance of Cisco LAN Switch Vlan Configuration

With the help of VLAN Cisco switch configuration, organisations can make it easier for their network administrator to partition a single switch network to match it with the functional and security requirements of their systems. It is a mechanism that allow network administrators to create logical broadcast domains that can span across a single switch or multiple switches. Hence configuration of VLAN is useful to reduce the size of broadcast domains or to allow users to be logically grouped without the need to be physically located in the same place.


How to Configure VLAN in CISCO LAN Switch..?

Number of VLANs can be configured on a single port using a trunk configurations described in this blog. The neighbouring device's interface, which may be on another Cisco LAN switch or on a host that supports 802. Any untagged Ethernet frames are assigned to a default VLAN, and can be designated in the switch configuration. Businesses need to configure VLAN on cisco LAN switch before it connect to the organisational network. It is a long process and time consuming also, hence most of the businesses must need an expert technical who can do it immediately as will not affect their regular work. We deliver remote service to configure VLAN on your Cisco LAN switch from technical expertise.


Benefits of VLAN Configuration

The companies get following benefits by using VLAN configuration:



By VLAN Configuration businesses can separate systems that have sensitive data from the rest of the network. It decreases the chances that people will gain access to information they are not authorized.


Businesses administrator creates VLANs reduce the number of router hops and increase the apparent bandwidth for network users.

Broadcasts/Traffic flow

VLAN automatically reduces broadcasts and access provide the network administrator with a way to control who sees what network traffic. An access list is a network administrator creates that lists which addresses have access to that network.


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